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Lauren Jones – 19 Brookside 2017  Landlords were brilliant! Graham was on hand for any needs. Only 15 minutes walk to town and good access to the station. A very good quality house, great living room and bathroom and decent sized rooms.

Sam Gregory –  19 Brookside 2017

House was very nice, Landlord was friendly and easy to contact. Good room size and house was located in a nice quiet area.

Sarah Bemsin – 19 Brookside 2017

House is very nice compared to those big rental companies. Landlords easily available and friendly (especially cute when Graham’s little kids popped over ha ha!) Good rooms in terms of size and furniture. A good place for 3rd years; nice and quiet and next to Hoole which is very nice. Felt like a home, not just a quick student let.

Jasmin –  35 Ermine Rd 2017

Fab room, very spacious. The size of the house is very good. Overall I have a good experience. The best thing about the house was the garden

Ed – 2017

Our time at Walter Street was most enjoyable, made all the better by the helpful landlords.

Walter Street is a great little property, away from the ‘Student Ville’ but only 10 minutes from the main university campus, 15 minutes to Kingsway. 10 minutes from the city centre and 5 minutes from the train station; and ideal location. The house has everything a student could want, spacious lounge, large kitchen and big bedrooms – all are even double beds!

As for the landlords, they’re fantastic. They are easily approachable, friendly and most helpful should you require their help with any issues with the property that may arise. They are completely reliable and there no paperwork or safety issues, with regular inspections.

Jess –  35 Ermine rd 2016

Thanks, the big TV works wonders!

Jessica Element – 6 Henshall st 2016

The property was very close to the university and the bedrooms and rent seemed good. It was close to the university and the extra toilet was very useful. Whenever we had any issues with the house they were dealt with quickly. My bedroom was very nice, I loved the big desk and even though my room was the smallest it was a good size for me. The house was of good quality.

Leia – 18 Brookside 2016

Overall a good experience, good rent and size of bedroom and also easy parking – Thank you!

Sumatra Ualle – 35 Ermine rd 2016

Everything has been great! Great house for student experience and not too far from the University

Jayita Gadhok – 35 Ermine rd 2016

Lovely house, close to the University and very good student accommodation

Rachel – 19 Brookside Terrace 2012-14

“Having rented from Lee Hopkins and Graham Ivory for a period of 2 years, i found them to be approachable and friendly landlords.

Mutual trust led to private tenancy rather than via an agency and as a tenant I found the arrangement to be more than satisfactory.

Lee and Graham as landlords fulfilled their duties accordingly and were exceptionally helpful in other matters even when I no longer rented their property.

Highly trustworthy and dependable landlords, I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

LUCY – Henshall st 2013

After living in 6  Henshall Street for 2 years during my 2nd and 3rd at the University of Chester I can happily say that the house enhanced my uni experience. The kitchen and lounge of the house acts as a great communal area being open span and provides a great social room as well as having all the essential for a living house!  All of the bedrooms are a good liveable size with double beds. The house does only have one bathroom which at first we were all alittle worried about as I lived with 5 girls!!! However there was never a problem with the bathroom and it was a great size. If I was to describe the house in a few words I was would say it is a warm, clean and liveable house that has all the necessities. Our landlord Lee was great throughout the whole 2 years and was always very good if we had any problems/issues or just needed to chat to him! For a group of friends looking to live close to uni and town I would highly recommend 6 Henshall Street.

Annabel – 6 Henshall st 2013

 “Lee and Graham were very attentive and helpful landlords. They responded to queries and fixed any problems very promptly. They always made sure the house was in good working order for us and a nice place to live. Lee even gave us a great Thai curry recipe!”

Sandy Burrows – Walter st 2013

“The accommodation was of a very high standard for the price paid, very comfortable and included internet access. It was in an ideal location:close to University, transport systems, shops and the centre of Chester. The inclusivity of the utility bills within the monthly price of rent was very much appreciated, as this made it possible to accurately determine total costs on a monthly basis. Without this consideration, it would have made student budgeting extremely difficult. The neighbourhood was friendly and relatively quiet for study purposes. The response of the two Landlords on problems that occurred was swift and attentive – all problems were remedied, the longest within two weeks (which given the nature of that particular problem was entirely reasonable). The process of depositing the money and then receiving it back afterwards was straightforward. Overall the tenancy was a great experience and I would recommend anyone to this property – so start renting! “

Lynn Bean (parent of student) – 6 Henshall st 2011 

 “Our son was fortunate to house share with friends at 6 Henshall Street during his 2nd year at Chester University.  The house is less than 2 minutes walk from campus  and very close to local shops and eateries.  The Landlord, Lee is a really good guy, very chilled and easygoing.  On the few occasions the students needed to contact him, he responded immediately.  The property is ideal for students and very safe, with each room having its own security lock.  Although mainly student lets, Henshall Street is a lovely nice quiet street.  Our son enjoyed his time there and would recommend the house and Lee the landlord.”

Jordan Bean – 6 Henshall st 2011

“I lived at 6 Henshall Street during my 2nd year at Chester University, sharing with 4 friends. The house is in a ideal location just 2 minutes walk from the University campus.  Lee, the landlord, was very helpful and fair during my stay, even allowing me to store belongings in the house during the summer. All rooms were a good size and had their own security lock.  Although mainly student lets, Henshall Street is a very quiet street.”

Joe Ellis – 6 Henshall st 2009-11

“I was very lucky to stumble upon the house, I was in need of a place in Chester after my previous landlady had been less than helpful to put it mildly. I was happy with the house and it’s location right next to the university and a brief walk into the city centre. Lee was good enough to let me take a room unlike some landlords that will only take a group of people to make sure the rooms get filled. I always found lee to be very helpful, if there was a problem with the house (of which there were very few) lee would be around pretty quick to try and sort it out. If he was not available then he would make sure there was someone around that could come and help. In short lee has been the best landlord I have experienced to date.”

Daisy – 6 Henshall st 2008-9

“My name is Daisy Dunning. I rented a room from Lee Hopkins from September 2008 – July 2009. Lee was an understanding and reliable landlord. He was flexible about rental dates (I was a student and looking for term time accommodation). Lee was recommended to us by previous tenants, who spoke highly of his reliability. Lee was easy to contact and fast and efficient at solving issues within the property. We paid a fair deposit which was returned at the end of the contract, there were no hidden or unfair fees. Overall I found Lee to be a great landlord, who charged an appropriate rent for the property. I would happily rent a property from him in the future.”