Most of our properties are situated between the two campuses in the sought after area of Hoole. This is a 10 minute walk to either campus and benefits from being close to the lovely shops and pubs. Once described as ‘Notting Hoole’ of Chester, it possesses an exciting variety of local shops, great bars and cool cafes and is only a 5 minute walk to the train station.


This great little cafe has  recently opened, it’s less than 2 minutes walk from our houses.

Breakfast brunch lunch and of course cake

A greasy spoon it ain’t. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and of course cake…all in one sitting if you like!


Lots of great boozers!


And cool bars


Filled with beautiful people… all the time


It’s so swanky it has an art gallery


Barbers that will ‘correct’ the Hipster look

Cool cafes, two chip shops, two Chinese restaurants, two Indian restaurants, kebab shops, pizza takeaway…in fact Notting Hoole has everything, what else could you possibly need? 


Ahh yes, painkillers and condoms. They’ve got those covered too.