The Devil is in the detail

We feel that one of the reasons our properties stand out is because we believe in good attention to detail. A lot of the property features have been carefully thought out with the aim of providing you with a more pleasant and functional living space. We want the house you’re in, to feel like your home.

House 1 0106. reduced size JPG

Plenty of double sockets with USB ports

10House 1 0079 reduced size

Designer features such as these stunning pendant drops

West st Bristol prints 01 reduced size 01

We like to support local artists and so we have some of their original artwork on the walls

West st Bristol prints 02 reduced size

Wherever possible we try and keep original features in our properties such as the old pine doors and fireplaces. 

West st Bathroom door reduced size

And somewhere for your wine, is always important…

West st kitchen 10 reduced size 03