Why Choose us?

Good question. Well, there are two of us who will be your landlords, not a large faceless company who you will have no personal contact with. We both went to Chester University together and decided that we wanted to rent out student properties that we would have liked to have stayed in ourselves. Every year we ask our students for feedback in order that we can improve the experience that you get. Here are some of features that we think make us stand out:


  • 11 month contract The contract term on all properties is for 11 months. Many landlords charge for the whole 12 months. But why pay for months when you’re not going to be living there?
  • All bills included Gas, electricity, wireless internet, water rates and TV license are all included meaning there are no arguments about bills and no worries about going cold to save money!
  • No ‘cleaning fee’ or ‘admin charge’ A lot of landlords will take a cleaning fee off you before you even move in! Then an admin fee on top!? Simple, we don’t agree with this. Instead you will pay a deposit. The deposit will be held by the Deposit Protection Scheme so there will be no danger of you not getting back what you deserve! (Why should you pay a non-returnable cleaning fee if you leave your room clean?)
  • Large TV (in some properties huge) Yes, it’s sad, but we know that students like watching daytime tv, playing computer games and having film nights with order in pizza. That’s why we spent extra money on buying you a large flat screen tv
  • Great showers! All our showers are directly fed from the combi boiler, rather than being the cheaper electric showers. This means more pressure and showers that are consistently hot and powerful
  • BBQ in the garden anyone? Most student houses have terrible backyards, piled up with rubbish and never used. Some have poorly fitted back gates, in some cases they are non existent. All our houses are secure and have well maintained areas outside, often with decking areas to have your BBQ’s in the summer
  • Location location location All of our properties provide excellent location. Situated between the two campuses in the sought after area of Hoole. This is a 10 minute walk to either campus and benefits from being close to the lovely shops and pubs in Hoole. Once descibed as “Notting Hoole” of Chester, it possesses an exciting variety of local shops and cool cafes
  • Flexibility Many of our tenants stay for more than one year (some times 3, and in one case a girl stayed for 4 years as a student, then a further 2 when she became a teacher) For those that choose to stay with us; we are very flexible over the summer, allowing you to store your things safely. Often we have had students that decide to stay and work in Chester for the summer. We can always accommodate this to suit you. If you do choose to stay an extra year or two we always ensure that we do any maintenance required over the summer. This is often very difficult for those landlords that insist on a 12-month contract.

And most importantly…

  • Great landlords. We want your stay in our properties to be an enjoyable experience. We are patient, understanding and reliable. We will always endeavor to sort any issues out as soon as possible making your stay as hassle free as possible. Take a read of our testimonials…